Enterprise culture


 Business philosophy

We Hangzhou Okamura Transmission Co., Ltd. in order to "manufacture" Okamura Manufacturing rooted in China, and the establishment.

We inherited the entrepreneurial spirit to the basic principle of Okamura Manufacturing as a reference to carry out business activities in China.

Company Motto

Creativity ・ cooperation ・ conservation ・ storage ・ and dedication

Basic Policy

① Bearing in mind that teamwork can bring tremendous results, solidarity.

② our products to maintain competitive technology, quality in the international market.

③ relentless accumulation of improvement, growing day after day.

④ give all employees opportunities for advancement. Regardless of age, education, experience, should be treated fairly.

⑤ prohibit doing dangerous things.

⑥ happy family cultivate good people, because good people unite, the company will prosper.

⑦ modern business is by a few people to do all the jobs.

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