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Business: gearingdifferential gear tractor truck  engineering machinery as well as production sales import and export and the development of its member

Incorporated in May 2013, Hangzhou Okamura Transmission CO., Ltd was funded by OkamuraCorporation, HangCha Group CO., Ltd, and ShaoXing JinDao GearBox CO., Ltd. By strengthening the brand, we aim to provide faster supply of high-quality transmission device to our Chinese customers.

Inherited the Okamura spirit as the group policy: [create, collaborate, save, savings, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication], bearing the slogans in mind:  [adherence to safety, quality, such as life, delivery is the basis of trust], we look forward to provide you high quality products, always at your disposal.

Although we live in rapidly changing environment, we hold on tight to the market trends for improvement. With R&D program of Okamura, we never stop innovation and strive to improve corporate value.

We will continue to take challenge of the market and strive to being the trustful partner of all the customers.

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Address:No.88 Donghuan Road,Lin'an Economic DevelopmentZone,Zhejiang,China.(Within Hangcha Industrial Park)

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